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The project

Liguria WiFi is a Liguria Region project for spreading WiFi that is public and free of charge throughout the country. The objectives of Liguria WiFi are to:
  • Make the region the protagonist
  • Encourage the creation of new WiFi zones
  • Support digital culture and the right of access to the internet
  • Be among the major projects for spreading WiFi in Italy through the percentage of municipalities involved, extension of the territory, registered users and WiFi points created.
Moreover, Liguria WiFi promotes a user community that shares and constantly improves the architectures and services offered, to support the collaboration between the Liguria public administrations thanks to the carrier characteristics of the project: integration and federability. Liguria WiFi rests on a shared philosophy: the idea of a public and free network which allows the mobility of people from one hotspot area to another using the same login credentials.

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